Global Restructure and return to profit

Embedded software and Automotive

A Private Equity backed organisation in the embedded software and Automotive was struggling to deliver its planned growth and market value. Appointed to lead the transformation of all operations across the UK, Eastern Europe and Silicon Valley, we:-

  • Created new go to market model and increased sales by 15% within 6 months.
  • Restructured organisation to be market and customer-centric, increasing net margin of key customers.
  • Improved customer satisfaction across key accounts in the US and Central Europe.
  • Secured major client in San Francisco in Social Media Sector; solution included wearables/

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Delivering Acquisition benefits

Industry Example Two

Part of the Acquisition we then led the UK integration of two large global technology vendors across Financial Services, Healthcare, NHS, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Telco and Oil & Gas sectors.

  • Drove acquisition synergies with 15% improvement in EBITDA over 2 years.
  • Won largest IT Transformation deal in Europe (TCV >£120m) delivering transaction pricing to
    UK’s largest Real Estate operator.
  • Grew Financial Services revenue >25%.

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New Go to Market model

Industry Example Three

Asian headquartered global organisation was struggling for organic growth across the UK Public and Private Sectors. We led a Transformation programme that created:-

  • Sector Specific and Organisational Model. Account Segmentation Model and Portfolio Alignment.
  • Improvement in Margin performance and reduction in Sales Operation Costs.
  • Greater win ratios.
  • Talent Development Programme to align with Digital Transformation strategy.

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Deal Structuring & Sourcing Transformation

Industry Example Four

Our client, a major UK bank, had a desire to accelerate one of its Financial Crime programmes by using a partner. We were instructed by our client to engage with its chosen partner to design and structure an outcome based deal to accelerate its Financial Crime compliance journey.

Our deliverables to our client were the design and contracting agreement for the commercial structure, outcomes and service specification and design of an outcomes-based service levels and associated credit regime. We were able to develop great confidence in our client’s executives such that given positions from the execs, they asked us to close the deal; on their behalf.

Once the deal was closed we were then engaged by the client to provide an interim service management function whilst we designed and built the framework and organisation capability internally to manage the contract on an ongoing basis. We are still retained by the client to provide expert services around changes to the contract and service.

The client was able to accelerate the Financial Crime journey by over two years.

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